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Sep 25, 2014 at 09:28 AM

SSO/SAML and URL redirection / rewrite rules


Hello HANA cloud platform team,

We're currently developing a sapui5-application, which uses the rewrite rules defined in a .xsaccess file. It runs on a URL like this:

The content shown there is located in the following project folder (xs-workspace):


This folder contains all our html and js files (e.g. index.html and our js-code).

The rewrite rules look like this (I didn't create those):

"rewrite_rules": [

{ "source": "/(.*)", "target": "/WebContent/$1" }


Now for the problem we have:

When using basic form authentication everything is fine. The login form directs the user to the desired location.However, when we activate SAML and login using SSO, the redirection takes the user to, which consequently isn't found.

Any ideas on how to fix this? Where can I configure the redirection url for SAML Login? Or can I disable URL change in XS Admin Tool somewhere? I do I have to extend the rewrite rules? Does it even have to do with rewrite rules? They were just the only place I could find, which did something similar.

Thanks a lot and kind regards,