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Sep 25, 2014 at 06:45 AM

Role retain action results in provisioning failure


Hi All,

We are on GRC 10.0 SP 10. Following is the steps and the issue, any help would be really appreciated. Thanks!!

1. A change account request is created.

2. Existing user is selected and from existing assignments a composite role is selected.

3. The provisioning action is "Retain" for the role.

4. The role validity dates are changed / extended.

5. Request is submitted and approved by relevant approvers.

6. On closure following things happen:

6.1 The role's validity dates in the backend system is changed as requested

6.2 The audit log for the request however shows - "Role is not retained for user xxxx for system xxxxx" and "Post-request activities reported problems; check logs for details"

6.3 Due to this the auto provisioning in GRC's side fails and the notification is sent out as provisioning failed even though the backend system was changed as requested.

There are no errors / warnings in SLG1 of GRC and ECC. We have done a trace and there are no authorization issues with the requester, WF-BATCH or the approvers.

Kindly suggest for a solution.


Sammukh Gupta