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Sep 24, 2014 at 06:59 PM

use the data from sub report for tally


Hi - I have a CR which is reading a table of orders_history. We then do some calculations to get the report display, we should tally of orders according to order type and other.

We also have orders_current. I want to include these. But they dont link to history orders. Our system works like this. Orders are in orders_current, some rows are closed some open, after fully closed, they go to invoice table, then to orders_history. SO same order# not in both.

SO i can't just report from history table, because I need all orders.

So I want to make a sub report that will read the details table.

then I need to take the row from there and add to our main cr rows. The tables have the same structure only the col names are different in the first 2 characters so ouprt# or odprt#. So i need to calc the sub report on the details and add in to these rows according to production group, i know i can display the sub report data but can i add it in ? CSA, CUS, etc.

for example

End of Day 09/01/2014 09/19/2014 Production Group $Order Processed QUnit Processed Avg Units per order # of orders past Shipdate Number of Units shippped Average Number of units per shipment Weight Corporate Department CSA 32163.86 1,386 309 104 0 1,386 4.49 ####### CUS 6994.70 142 17 411 0 142 8.35 779.33 FIT 808.48 41 13 62 0 41 3.15 797.61 RTR 294732.00 11,998 1,948 151 6 11,998 6.16 ####### 334,699.04 13,567 2,287 146 6 13,567 5.93 66,147.19