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Sep 24, 2014 at 07:19 PM

Information being omitted


I am tasked with reporting information to public agencies about subcontractors and suppliers who provide quotations to us for use in preparing our bids for highway and bridge work. I have created a report to mirror the document provided by the DOT which populates from an Excel spreadsheet listing all the subcontractors and suppliers who quote on a particular job. My report is intermittently omitting information in the various fields for no apparent reason. An example would be, in the 2nd address line I have {City} {ST} {Zip}. Each page of the report contains spaces for three records. On the first page of the report, the zip code is omitted from the address line in the first space but included in the next two. On the second page all zip codes are populated. I browsed the data in the field explorer under database fields and realized not all the zip codes are showing up so I thought maybe there is a filter on the field. After determining there was no filter in play I came to the end of my expertise. I would appreciate some input on correcting this issue.