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Sep 24, 2014 at 05:33 PM

Supplementory Conditions should be defaulted in intra STO


Hi Experts,

Currently I have a requirement from my client about the pricing in the intra company STO (within the company transfers).

Here, while creating the STO with the doc. type UB, the supplementary conditions such as transport costs, excise duties, crude oil taxes should be defaulted automatically in STO. For this scenario, I have done the configurations as below.....

1. Created the new condition type with the following parameters.

Condition Class: Discount or Surcharges

Calculation type: Fixed Amount

Condition Cat : Delivery costs

Flagged the check boxes to Header Condition, Item Condition, Group Condition.

Assigned the Access Sequence (Supplying Plant / Material / Plant)

2. Assigned the same condition in the pricing.

3. Defined the schema determination for STO (Sch. Grp. Pur. Org - Sup. Plant - Doc. type - Pricing Procedure).

5. Maintained the condition record (MEK1) for the condition type with the key (Supplying Plant / Material / Plant).

But, during the STO creation in ME21N, the basic condition PB00 is only coming. The above delivery condition is not coming automatically.

I am entering it manually and it is picking the price from the Condition Record.

So, please suggest me if there is any alternations for this....