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Sep 24, 2014 at 04:04 PM

Delta initialization - from which point data is pulled first time?


Hi Guys,

I have a question for a unique situation which may not occur in ideal environment, but just trying to understand working of delta mechanism.

Here are my assumptions - (Correct if any wrong)

1. When I activate any LO extractor (eg 2LIS_02_ITM), Extraction queue is automatically setup to collect data of all new postings.

2. Extraction queue is application wide and not at datasource level (eg MCEX02).

3. When INIT infopackage is run from BI, delta queue is created in ECC (RSA7). Running V3 jobs will bring data from extraction queue to delta queue.

My scenario -

1. Datasource 2LIS_02_ITM is activated and extraction queue MCEX02 is setup. Purchasing documents are now posted to MCEX02 extraction queue.

2. Delta initialization for 2LIS_02_ITM is done from BI and data is fetched to RSA7 delta queue regularly for 2LIS_02_ITM.

3. Now I need to activate new datasource 2LIS_02_ACC (Same application). When I activate this datasource, data starts collecting in extraction queue automatically. Lets assume that I need to fill setup table as well to load history data and after that setup delta for new documents. Below are the timestamps at which I will do my activities.

(Assumption - Data is already available in MCEX02 before below activities and I have not cleared extraction queue before activating new datasource)

1 PM - Activate datasource 2LIS_02_ACC

3 PM - Start Fill Setup tables job for 02 application (I will have all data upto 3 PM)

6 PM - Run init info-package from BI for 2LIS_02_ACC and setup delta.

7 PM - Run delta info-package from BI

Question - When I run delta info-package at 7 PM, will it bring new documents in delta which were posted from 6 PM onwards or will it bring old documents as well from MCEX02 queue (assuming I ran V3 job as well) as it was already setup and not cleared before doing this activity?

My understanding is I will get delta documents posted only from 6 PM onwards as it will setup delta timestamp when I run INIT.