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Dec 15, 2005 at 05:52 PM

Weird PCD object inheritence issue


I have a very odd issue going on with a copied object that I have renamed. I have chased this for hours now and can not see why this is happening. Here goes...

(1) I have super admin access/role as well as eu_role. I copied an object from a SAP business package. Namely, I copied the "Employee Review" workset as a DELTA link and copied it into my own "customer" folder/area.

(2) I renamed this workset to "Teammate Review". Checking permissions, I see that I have super admin role set to owner but not end user on the object. Also, the "eu_role" is set to "read" with end user "checked".

(3) Refreshing my browser, I now can see "Teammate Review" showing in my second level navigation. Great, right? Nope.

(4) I log off and log back in with another user that is a regular portal user (eu_role) who has access to the same workset.

(5) This user sees "Employee Review" in the second level navigation and NOT the title as I had renamed it. Same workset....different title. This user does not see the "customized" title as I renamed it for the object.

Any ideas as to why this is happening?!?!?!?!?

For more info, here is how it "looks"....

-original Employee Review workset...

-copied as delta link

-delta-linked, copied workset renamed (breaks delta link)

-renamed workset assigned to custom role

-role assigned to custom group

-my user and test user assigned to same custom group

Thanks in advance. Points will be rewarded.