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Sep 24, 2014 at 11:11 AM

subcontracting process plant to plant with different company code


Hi SAP Experts,

we have to implement subcontracting process in Plant A (Company code-1000), Plant-B(Company code-2000), Plant-C (Company code-3000). The process is

we are getting the purchase order for the Product-Y from the customer to Plant-A with some Raw material with free of cost. and the deliverable is from Plant-A to the Customer

To get the Y-Product we have some semifinished part-x. The X part manufacturing we are giving to Plant-C. The X-Part is produced from different assemble parts of Plant-C. To manufacture the X-Part in plant-C; Plant-A is providing all the componets related to X-part and sub assembles in plant-c.

The plant-A is getting all the raw materials from customer and some from Plant-B with value.

Again Plant-A is producing the final product-Y with input Component X-semi finished coming from Plant-C.

01)In this case how to run the MRP in plant-C and in Plant-A?

02) How to map the configuration in Plant-A from PP point of view ?

For this process i have got the below forum. Which is almost similar. After studying i got the above doubts in my process. : Subcontracting process with in the intercompany plants.