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Sep 24, 2014 at 11:00 AM

Print translated SAP SCRIPT depending on WERKS


Hi All,

I've translated a SAP SCRIPT (production order - CO02/CO03) from Italian to Serbian using SE76.

I need to print in IT (italian) or in SH (serbian) depending on the WERKS of the production order (1100 -> IT, 2000 -> SH). I can't use system language 'cause users may log on in IT, SH or EN depending on what they prefers.

I read in other discussions about the FM OPEN_FORM; at the moment i have this setup:

call function 'OPEN_FORM'


device = 'PRINTER'

dialog = space

form = print_co-forml

language = print_co-spras

options = print_opts


canceled = 01

device = 02

form = 03

options = 04

unclosed = 05.

call function 'START_FORM'


startpage = startpage.

How can I do this?