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Sep 24, 2014 at 11:13 AM

Suppress instance in scheduled reports.


Hello comunity,

i have a problem with scheduling reports.

I want to schedule reports (webi document) based on a file event. I test it and it works. The scheduled report is triggerd when the event occurs.


The scheduled report genearates an instance and only the inctance is refreshed with new data.

My aim is to supress any instances if possible and will refresh the report itself.

In have test the following two options,but my attempts were without success.

1.) In CMC you have the option to define a limit for the instances

You can set in to minimum 1. But you will have have furthermore a inctance of the report. And only ithe istance of the report is refreshed.

2.) The option in Schedule destination "Clean up instance after processing" doesn't help. This option delete the instance but the report itself is not refershed..

How can achive my plan?

Best regards

Ömer Yazici