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Sep 24, 2014 at 10:09 AM

FPM_SAVE button Issue


Hello ,

As required , I need to have two Buttons SAVE and SUBMIT in my FPM OVP GLOBAL tool Bar.

SAVE only save the current GUIBB List to the data base, Where as SUBMIT will SAVE and close my windows/Sections.

So I have used FPM_SAVE for Submit and It is solving my requirement of closing the windows.

But for the SAVE , I can not use FPM_SAVE as it is closed the window. As per requirement it is just save the edited data to the data base and window remains open.

Which standard Event can help me to only save and remain in the window without closing it.

I have came across some other standard Save event like FPM_SAVE_BACK_TO_MAIN and FPM_SAVE_EDIT. Can it be helpful?