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Sep 24, 2014 at 08:07 AM

Different purchasing value keys in different process or different plants



Our process is as follow:

2 plants are defined in the same company (Plant A and B). This means that our concern is on an intra company process.

Our parts are used in 2 different process.

1 - The first process is a standard purchase process with purchase orders and purchase info records with vendors to plant A.

2 - Then parts are transferred using STO with SD delivery from plant A to plant B.

We defined a purchasing value key with under delivery = 25%.

In the STO process, the tolerance works as follow. When creating a delivery, SAP checks whether the quantity delivered is in the tolerance or not and then "close" the rest of the quantity of the STO item. Exactly what we would like to have.

The tolerance is determined through article purchase master data.

For the process 1, as long as I use my already created PIR, the new purchasing value key won't be used. PIR has been created before.

But in case of creation of new PIRs, the purchasing value key which is now set in article master data will be used. That we don't want.

I think there are 2 solutions.

The first is to warn users to remove tolerance data when creating a new PIR. This is not often, I find it to low secured.

The second one would be to not put the purchasing value key in the article master data, but to use it as default value for the STO process between my 2 plants.

I wonder if this is possible to set it in an exit during PO creation or PR transform to PO.

Does anybody already tried to do this?

Thanks for your help.