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Sep 24, 2014 at 06:19 AM

Different IP addresses while pinging FQDN



I have problem accessing the ESB and IB of PO 7.4 and started a discussion about that yesterday. It is not solved yet

I am using VPN to connect from my laptop. I don't have IP address in the hosts file. However, when I ping the FQDN in Command prompt, I see a different IP address. The ping fails. The IP address I see when I ping the FQDN is not same as the IP address in this url.


I am able to go to this url and I can alo login to Services Registry and NWA using my credentials

When I ping the IP address in this url of PO, I get a successful ping. However, when I ping either FQDN, or the IP address reflected when I ping FQDN, the ping fails

Can we get different IP addresses like this? If I ping FQDN, shouldn't it eflect the PO url?