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Using Selection screen in Initial screen of FPM and how to pass to process_event method

I want to write an OIF FPM WDA with initial screen as selection screen using WDR_SELECT_OPTIONS but I do not know how to correctly retrieve and pass the selected value entered in the initial screen in order to process.

In my application, I have a view V_INITIAL with usage component WDR_SELECT_OPTIONS) and V_MAIN with 2 tabs for data retrieved from selection screen in V_INITIAL. I am using OIF component.

On initial screen, I have selection input fields sales area, document type and soldto customer range. I was able to set the default value on the initial screen in the WDDOINIT of the V_INITIAL view. But after user enter value, in which method should I code so that I can get the value user entered ?

I was trying to put code in method WDDOBEFOREACTION to get the value and store in global attributes declared from component controller (See below code) but I have issue when user change default value and click button continue in initial screen without hit enter key, the value I get is still as the default value. If after user change value and hit enter key

Is it possible to use inital screen in FPM with select options? I search but could not find a similar scenario.

Here is my code:

method wddobeforeaction. "In V_INITIAL view


<fval> type any,

<ls_field> type LINE OF if_wd_select_options=>tt_selection_screen_item

data: lr_helper TYPE REF TO if_wd_select_options.

data lt_fields type if_wd_select_options=>tt_selection_screen_item

lr_helper->get_selection_screen_items( IMPORTING
et_selection_screen_items = lt_fields ).

Loop at lt_fields ASSIGNING <ls_field>.
case <ls_field>-m_id.

when 'SPART'.

ASSIGN <ls_field>-m_value->* to <fval>.
wd_comp_controller->gv_sel_spart = <fval>.

when 'KUNNR'.

ASSIGN <ls_field>-mt_range_table->* to <lt_range_table>.
wd_comp_controller->gt_sel_soldto = <lt_range_table>.

when others.


.. Later on, in process_event mehod of component controller, I check if the event is leaving initial screen, I will extract data from the input selection fields user entered.

Can someone advise is this a correct approach or should I just use a regular view for user input selection and create action to capture input value?

Please advise.


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1 Answer

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    Sep 25, 2014 at 08:02 PM

    Hello Valerie,

    as far, as I understand, you want to write an application like the SE16 with a selection screen and a result screen as OIF FPM.

    Therefore, you can use the search feeder in FPM ( which would be the easiest way to transfer the data ) or you can write your own WebDynpro Freestyle UIBB, where you will implement all necessary events/methods to integrate with FPM.

    Kind regards,


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