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Sep 23, 2014 at 10:39 PM

Crosstab and subreport question


I have a crosstab that shows City Names as the columns and Clinic Room Names as the rows. The cells are showing the patient waiting time for that city. This is working perfectly. It looks similar to this:

Chicago Dallas Omaha Des Moines Fargo Waiting Room 15:01 10:02 12:10 14:00 12:00 Screening Room 12:25 14:22 12:30 15:02 13:00 Exam Room 14:10 15:00 12:15 12:20 14:00

However, I would like to add more data to this Crosstab and was wondering if it was possible. And, if so, how to do it.

1. Can you add a new column to a Crosstab that is not a calculation of the cells, but a field value from a report?

2. If so, can this field value be from a subreport?

I need to add a column that shows the total average times of all cities combined. However, I do not want to calculate this within the crosstab - it cannot be an average of an average. Rather, I have calculated these values in a separate subreport, and was hoping to add these somehow to my main crosstab.

Any help is appreciated.