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Sep 23, 2014 at 07:11 PM

Need help troubleshooting a student case: MRP Run


One of my students is working on Exercise 8 in the Global Bikes, Inc. Sales & Distribution case. He appears to have the correct settings in the Item

Master record for his Touring Bike (DXTR3315) and he has Independent Requirements in place for the current period.

But executing the Process MRP command does not indicate that a planning run is occuring, and he does not see his red deluxe touring bike (DXTR3315) in the screen shown on Page 23 of the SD Case. When he displays the Planned Requirements for that bike, he sees that no

planned Production Orders have been created.

So, the questions are (1) What settings or input values might be missing to cause this failure to generate planned production orders? And (2) How can this be corrected to that he will get a proper MRP run that generated planned production orders?

Thanks for any help you can provide with this.

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