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Sep 23, 2014 at 05:55 PM

In Webi date conversion to YYYYMMDD showing incorrect result


Hi Guru,

In webi report i have to display date which is provided as variable input in report in "YYYYMMDD" format.

I have use below formula to conver the user input date parameter to "YYYYMMDD" format, but "DD" value is coming incorrect.

=FormatNumber(Year(ToDate(userResponse("Report Date");""));"####")+FormatNumber(MonthNumberOfYear(ToDate(userResponse("Report Date");""));"00")+FormatNumber(DayNumberOfYear(ToDate(userResponse("Report Date");""));"00")

this is working fine for YYYYMM value but DD value is coming wrong. If Report date(this is user input in selection screen) = 4/30/2014 the the above formula is showing 201404120,

if report date = 4/1/2014 then 20140491. I have tried many options but unable to come to any conclusion.

Please hel me with the solution.

Thank you,