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Sep 23, 2014 at 03:17 PM

Problem with report filter based on a indexed LOV


Hi guys,

I'm facing the following situation ,We have a universe (e.g: eFashion.unx) with a dimension (Color) that has been associated to a PK (index awareness). The dimension has also associated a default List of Values.

In a given report we have used this field to add a filter on the query by choosing one of the values provided by the LOV (Yellow Stripped). As expected the SQL shows that the ID instead of the name of the field






Article_Color_Lookup.Article_color_lookup_id = 148

But we have noticed that when report is promoted to a new environment where the Id of the row is different (e.g: 5148 instead of 148) the Id corresponding to the LOV item is not updated in the SQL query.

I suspect that the issue comes from the fact that LOV are never refreshed (e.g: in the prompts user is always asked to refresh to obtain it), but in this case there is no way to workaround the issue (well, replace the LOV value with a constant one which does not use the index)

Anyone has faced this issue? Do you think that this is the right behaviour or we are missing something?