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Sep 23, 2014 at 03:05 PM

TDMS data transfer


Hello TDMS gurus - Currently I am working on TDMS 4.0 project for utilities and refreshed training from Production using solution "Time slice Object Based Reduction for SAP utilities". I am looking for few clarifications on TDMS, would appreciate your feedback.

1.) Considering that data will be changing constantly in both sender and receiver systems, is there any way from TDMS standpoint to keep receiver system in sync with sender (sort of delta refresh, overwriting receiver systems with just only updated data since last refresh) instead of again starting from scratch (i.e. performing full system copy or running time slice data transfer for all objects again)?.

2.) When we start TDMS refresh, I know it deletes existing data in receiver system before it starts loading new data. Does TDMS deletes all of the old data in the tables or just the data that is being transferred will be deleted from receiver system tables?.

3.) Assuming it deletes only the data that is being transferred, if so, does it deletes all data on the table or only transferred data on the table is deleted?. This makes huge difference on TDMS runtime especially with huge tables.

4.) During TDMS activities there are tons of archive logs files being generated on database which obviously causes performance bottlenecks especially while running in production. SAP recommended to disable archive logging to minimize performance impacts but unfortunately we can't do this due to DR reasons. Are there any other best practices on how to get around this?.

Thanks in advance for your valuable feedback.