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Sep 23, 2014 at 02:30 PM

SAP MDG-C:- ERP Customer UI issue


Hi Gurus,

I am trying to configure the SAP MDG_C scenario in MDG7.0, and as per the requirement i have to use ERP Customer UI, and as per the standard document for MDG7.0 I have i activated the BC-set for

Run the corresponding activity in Customizing for Master Data Governance under  Master Data Governance for Customer  ERP-Customer UI (Alternative to the Customer UI)  Import Predefined Change Request Types for ERP-Customer UI  . and I am able to see the CR's. for ERP customer specific like CUSTL1P1, CUSTL2P1, etc...

I have also assigned the processor to my Cr's.

But, when I am trying to create a Customer through NWBC and select search customer and new-->person/organization/ per the below screenshot:-

I am facing the below issue:-

Note:- as per the standard documents, the CR's specific to customer UI are already there, not sure if this create an issue.

Requesting you to kindly help as this is urgent.

Any help will be rewarded.




cust.jpg (83.5 kB)
cuat2.jpg (28.5 kB)