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Sep 23, 2014 at 10:46 AM

Ressource management possibilities



reading the documentation about PPM resource planning in SAP Portfolio and Project Management 5.0 – SAP Help Portal Page and other resources i don't get the point with the question:

What is possible regarding the resource planning with

- just PPM/cProjects and HCM.

- the usage of WFD (but we are not using CRM)

- Portal, ...

- other modules.

I would like to use the resource planning within cPro. The goal is to be able to add a resource to a task and see that the resource is available 50% because he is also doing some other tasks in other projects. Is this possible with cPro and HCM (and nothing else like WDF / CRM, ... )

What is possible with the different increments (cPro/HCM, WFD, ... ). I was reading through the documentation but at the end I don't get the point with it.

Regards, Vanessa