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Sep 23, 2014 at 10:11 AM

Re-Resolution of procedures


We've come across a couple of instances where we've had to reload a number of stored procedures even though there has been no change to the code.

Does Sybase have any method of forcing a re-resolution of a procedure ?

Use-case 1: We had a corrupt table which we couldn't drop. We renamed the table and created a new one to replace it.

We then had to hunt around all the procedures across many databases to find any procedures referring to the table and reload them.

Use-case 2: We have some debug statements if @debug =1 select * from table.

When we change the structure of the table we then have to reload all the procs. No we can't easily drop and re-create the table - too much data.

In both cases, we just want to force a re-resolution of the procs rather than we load all the procs. I'd rather not take our production system down just to spend time reloading a large number of procs. Its also concerning that its not always easy to ensure you can find every procedure that accesses a table if its in another database.

Is there any way of doing this ?

Any features to do this in the pipeline ?