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Sep 23, 2014 at 09:33 AM

Custom Data Model with Type 4 Entities



I am able to create data model and UI configuration also for entity type1. It is working perfectly fine,

But when I tried with combination of entity type1 and entity type 4 as per Configuring Master Data Governance for Custom Objects - SAP Library.Though I am able to create data model and also UI configuration also. But when I try to execute it it is not working.

I can see only intial scrren for entity type with F4 help, key attribute of entity type1 and type of change request with F4 help.After giving input there it gives me error for SAP 500 (Internal Error).This tells that there is something wrong for UI Configuration.

Let me explain Stepwise

  1. Created DM ZF with entity type1 as ZSBUSPART and entity type4 for ZSCUSTOM as well as ZSTRAVLAG.
  2. Leading releationship between ZSBUSPART to ZSCUSTOM and ZSTRAVLAG.
  3. Activate Data Model
  4. Define Application component ZF_MDG_APPL with assignment of Data Model ZF,IDR component ZF_MDG_IDR and OIF component as ZF_MDG_OIF.
  5. Creation of variant for entity type1 (ZSBUSPART) with configuration ID ZF_CONFIG_01.
  6. Added attributes from all three entity types (Available for selection on left hand side nagivation).
  7. Save it.
  8. Create Business actinvity (ZFBP01 and assign it to new CR Type (ZCR01) with WF Template and Main Entity Type
  9. Assign UI Application Configuration ID (ZF_MDG_APPL) to main entity type1(ZSBUSPART)
  10. Creta WDA component as per below screen shot

After executing node from favourites

I am getting as per below

Not sure which step I am missing?


Plant.PNG (17.7 kB)
CCH Outbound.PNG (34.7 kB)
Plant.PNG (35.2 kB)