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Sep 23, 2014 at 09:24 AM

Timestamp/Timezone issue


Hi All,

We have an issue with the SAP system timestamp and timezone. Hope you can help me out:

We are on SAP CRM system and basically we have this issue with standard business documents. SAP System is configured to CET timezone. I have checked in TTZCU table too , TZONESYS and TZONEDEF are both CET and there is no user specific timezone when checked in SU01D(user profile).

To make things simpler, I have written a small program which explains the issue:

DATA locl_tstmp TYPE  crmt_date_timestamp_from.

WRITE: 'Current Date', sy-datum. WRITE:/'Current Time', sy-uzeit. WRITE:/'Time Zone', sy-zonlo.
CONVERT DATE sy-datum TIME sy-uzeit INTO TIME STAMP locl_tstmp TIME ZONE 'CET'.

Now when I execute this above program, below is the result I get:

Current Date 23.09.2014

Current Time 11:17:20

Time Zone CET

CET 23.09.2014 09:17:20

Current Date, Current Time, Time zone are correct. But when i explicitly (Line 08) convert the date and time to time zone CET , it actually converts to UTC time i.e 09:17:20 in the above program result which is wrong.

Why is it converting to UTC and not CET though I have given TIME ZONE 'CET' at line 10?