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Sep 23, 2014 at 08:54 AM

Appending to internal tables with conditions.



I am working on an ABAP report which display some data based on months depending on the fiscal year entered by user in selection screen.

Everything is working fine till I append rows for final display. The problem is it creates different row for same customer with month & netwr data.

Customer sales grp month1 netwr1 month2 netwr2 month3 netwr3 month4 netwr4 ...... month12

101 BTD 01.2014 1000


101 BTD 02.2014 2000


The above is sample output which is I am getting now. Instead it should come in single row.

I tried using delete Statement but it is not working as it is deleting whole row which I don't want to as there is data of 2nd month in 2nd row .

Please provide me possible solution to this or direct me to the existing thread which has same case .