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Sep 22, 2014 at 02:44 PM

SMP 3.0 SP04: Agentry - publish changes to productive instance


Hi Experts.

I have deployed a productive instance of an Agentry application on my SMP 3.0 SP04 PL01 server.

Now I wanted to change the JavaBE.ini file, so I zipped the agentry application folder from the server, replaced the JavaBE.ini file and tried to republish.

Now I get this error: "The archive did not contain any new production application versions".

Ofcourse it didn't !

I am not publishing a new version but a change to the configuration.

Does this really mean, that you must generate a new version of your application every time you make a change for a productive instance ??

Søren Hansen


SMP_Publish.JPG (19.7 kB)