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Sep 22, 2014 at 02:36 PM

UWL Substitution: Customer Messages --> Bad Usability


Hi guys,

System Info:

NW AS 7.03 ABAP Stack 731 Level 11, ECC 606 (EHP 6) with SAP_HR 604 Level 73 and EA_HR 607 (HR-Renewal 1) Level 24

NW AS 7.02 JAVA Stack 702 Level 13


We are currently implementing the Substitution Function of the Universal Worklist in our DEV environment. Among other sub-implementations, I have implemented Enhancementspot / BADI WF_SUBSTITUTE Method IF_EX_WF_SUBSTITUTE~MAINTAIN_SUBSTITUTE to restrict the creation of substitution rules according to the substitutor's R/3-Roles. This works out technically/functionally.

In Before: We do NOT have or use NWDS/NWDI, i.e. no modifications on WDJ Sources are possible for us.


When cancelling a rule creation via the Method, because the substitutor is not authorized to be a substitutor for the chosen substitution profile, I pass an error message and RC=8 as exporting parameter:

. . .

IF lv_lea_found EQ lc_true.
         " do nothing
       ELSE. " Vertreter hat nicht die R/3-Rolle zum Genehmigen von Abwesenheitsanträgen
         ls_message-msgid = lc_uwl_msd_id.
         ls_message-msgty = 'E'.
         ls_message-msgno = '000'.
         APPEND ls_message TO msg.
         RETURN_CODE = 8.

. . .

This does work, but the usability is a catastrophy in my opinion (I am a lot more tolerant than the endusers who will use the substitution function).

What I expected was a plain WD-Message with a red exclamation, the MSG-ID's Shorttext and a Hyperlink to the Longtext (the way I know it from WDA). But here's what happens instead. First I get a generic Warning message, telling me the rule creation failed and a Link labeled "Substitutionstatus":

If I was an enduser, I wouldn't necessarily click on the link at all, because its label doesn't invoke the expecation to find out more about the error that occured by doing so. If I click on it nevertheless, I get internal Message string with my custom message's shorttext intertwined in it (marked in red in the following screenshot).

My Question:

Is there any way to display the custom messages more elegantly and with better usability than this WITHOUT going for modification with NWDS/NWDI?

Cheers, Lukas