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Sep 22, 2014 at 02:20 PM

Suppress an entire group instance based on a running total.


Somehow I know I've been here but not in a long time.

I have a report that prints Detail lines with fields from two tables: Product and Supplement.

Supplement is left outer joined, and there will be Detail lines where there is no Supplement data so Supplement fields will be blank.

First grouping is by change in Product Number, within that, second Group is by Dimensions.

So if I have a Dimension Group where all the detail lines have no Supplementary data (using a running total count), I would like to suppress that entire Group, including the "useless" Detail lines.

Similarly, at the next level, if I have an entire Product Number Group where I have no Detail lines with any Supplementary data, I'd like to suppress that entire Group also, including any Detail lines.

Also, to be clear, if I have a Group that has some Detail lines with Supplementary data, and some that do not, I need to pint all the Detail lines. That's the whole purpose of the report. I'd just like to clear out entire sections without data. For now, they do not need to be addressed.

Looks straightforward, but I can't figure out how to suppress Details based on an evaluation that's only completed after all the records for that Group have been read.