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Sep 22, 2014 at 12:16 PM

Absence Quota Wrong IT2006 Transferring Values


Hi Experts.

We implemented Positive Time evaluation on 2014 currently clients use Time evaluation to get IT2006 records, before that No time Evaluation Everything was manual.

i have got all the results but little issue with Generation of Annual Quota. I explain in detail.

An Employee was hired in 04.10.2010, So we captured is hiring date as 04.10.2010 in IT0041, Clients run time evaluation for the employee for the whole year i.e. 01.01.2014 to 31.12.2014,

Currently in Table V_T559E - base entitlement as 0 to 4 years - 20 days and 4 to 14 years 22 days, used feature HDATE and gave M2- hiring date specifications as the return type.

In T559L - i gave Accrual period as Calendar year , Accrual Entitlement with Prorata and no multiplication, Transfer time upon accrual.

In 2014 itself he had many personnel actions like position grade change and many and i used Rounding rule where over 0.5 becomes 1.


When we run time evaluation 2014 for whole year, it goes to HDATE feature takes the hiring date i.e.04.10.2010, and runs till 31.12.2014 and transfer values 21 days to IT2006, but client says its wrong , total value will be 20.48767 as per counting rule it should be 20 days.

But due to multiple personnel action ran on 2014 itself. Split occurs and transfers the values to IT2006 on split day itself rather than calendar year

For example if split occurs on 31.03.2014, if it gives the value as 2.60, it becomes 3 on that moment itself. so 21 days coming instead of 20 days.

How to solve the case,attached the screenshots for your reference, since learning time management i am stuck up here, your help is greatly appreciated.

Can anyone help me out please?




Timeissue2.jpg (113.7 kB)
V_T559L.jpg (154.3 kB)