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Former Member
Sep 22, 2014 at 08:32 AM

Mandatory Symbol[Asteric] not coming in IE9 before a label


My SAP UI5 application works fine in Google Chrome.

But when I shift to IE9 then instead of getting asteric marks for mandatory Sign before a label I am getting ^-charat symbol.

Can anybody help me out to get the mandatory symbol in IE9 too.

Code Snippet::

label: new sap.m.Label("recipientTower", {

text : "",

}).bindProperty("required", "fieldPropertySetSubModel>/MANDATORY",

function(aValue) { return aValue=="X"?true:false; }

).bindProperty("visible", "fieldPropertySetSubModel>/TOWER_VISIBILITY",

function(aValue) { return aValue=="X"?true:false; }


Note::Please see the Bold Underlined line where I need the asteric sign in IE9.