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Links on HTML5 Applications Overview (HCP) refer to wrong tenancy

I've noticed a funny issue in the HCP cockpit. I share it here in the hope that a) it might get fixed and b) it won't catch someone out in the meantime.

Today for the first time I noticed that on the HTML5 Applications Overview the link on the application name has an incorrect reference. To be specific it takes me to the correct application but in the wrong tenancy. In the image you can see that I have navigated to the production tenancy, ....d1b2ff. The link for the ...logistics app will take me to the dev tenancy, ...eb766 (the cursor was over the hyperlink, where I've added the blue arrow).

When I click on the link the breadcrumb does indeed show that I am looking at that application in the dev tenancy. To get around this I built the url manually and that takes me to the page for that application in the right tenancy.

This is the first time this has happened to me, and it may be because I have multiple tabs open, each set to a different tenancy (I am double-checking version numbers). I did expect that HCP would handle that though, and I have done it many times before. It's a rare bug but it could be serious if someone stops an application in prod, thinking it was in test!

Has anyone else noticed this issue?

I'm using Chrome 55.0.2883.87

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  • Hi Mike - as you have done some investigation already and suspect a bug, I would suggest logging a ticket to get further attention and awareness on a future correction.

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    Jan 27 at 09:55 AM

    Raised an incident

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