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Sep 22, 2014 at 07:52 AM

repo_proxy 69 error when connecting to universe


On the BO server (BI 4.1 SP2) I have created a 32 and a 64 bits connection with exactly the name. In Designer I created a connection linked to this ODBC.
Everything is working fine. Reports can be modified, freshed and scheduled. So far so good.

When I import a universe in Designer I get the message "[repo_proxy 69] ConnectionFacade::getConnection - Unknown exception raised" followed by the message "Universe succesfully imported" and the message that I am not authorized to use this document.
I am logged on as administrator so I have all the authorization

I repaired the software, but still get the error message. It seems to be a problem with the connection. When I select from the menu "Tools/Connections" I get the error message "An Invalid argument was encountered". I can view the connections created in Designer, but as soon as I want to change the connection I get the repo_proxy69 error.
I deleted the connection and when I then select "Tools/Connections" I do not get the error message anymore until I create a new connection the repo_proxy69 appears again.

Anyone came across this problem and knows how to solve this?