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Former Member
Sep 22, 2014 at 06:41 AM

Context Issue in Webi Report


Hi Experts,

I have a requirement to calculate measure value between 2 dates.Please find below the requirement.

Sales Deal Contract Opportunity No Customer(Merged) Material(Merged) Date of First Invoice(A) End Date(B) Measure 1 From Bex Query 1 From Bex Query 1 From Bex Query 1 From Bex Query 1 From Bex Query 2 From Bex Query 2 Measure restricted on Calday(From Query 1): From A to B

Basically, I have to calculate measure value based on the 2 Dates coming from Bex Query 2.

When I add Calday(from Query 1) to the above table layout, I am able to see the measure value getting calculated correctly. But, When Calday is removed from the Table layout #MULTIVALUE Error is seen.

Note: I have tried using context Operators IN/FORALL./FOREACH(along with SUM function on measure), but its still showing # MULTIVALUE.

Using In Function:

=Sum([Measure]) Where([Query 1].[Calendar day] In([Query1].[Sales Deal Contract];[Query1].[Opportunity No];[Query1].[Customer Name];[Material]) between ([Date of First Invoice];[End Date])

Similarly, I have tried FOREACH/FORALL Functionalities. In all the cases I am getting #MULTIVALUE Error.

Can you please advice.


Bhargava Bommidi.