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Former Member
Sep 22, 2014 at 06:18 AM

Find locale in Agentry client at client side



I am working on custom agentry application. In this application I have images which is having English wording. Now I am planning to support multiple language support for my agentry application.

Let me share this idea with you. Currently I am planning to support English and French languages only. I will write a rule on image which will check client locale and depend on that data it will show English or French wording images. Now my problem is I don't find any way (in rules) to find out what is the locale of client. So the other idea is when user first time syn the data then on server using <<user.*>> data I will able to get the locale of client and capture that data in one of my object structure may be global variable and then use this locale to show and hide the images.

let me know if there is any other solution and also if above solution is feasible.