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Sep 22, 2014 at 01:33 AM

Recurring payments and deductions


Hi All,

I have some issues with recurring payments and deductions.

Case -1

  1. 1. Monthly we need to pay some amount towards transportation
  2. 2. Once in six month we need to pay uniform allowance
  3. 3. Once in a six we need to pay some benefit amount
  4. 4. Once in six months some stationary/personnel care allowance


  1. 1. Cafeteria deductions- every month
  2. 2. Taxi deductions- every month
  3. 3. Misc deductions- once in two months

No my question is how to configure this


  1. a. Which wage types (Model Wage Types & Payment Wage Types) we need to configure?
  2. b. Why we need to use Model Wage Types & Payment wage Types?
  3. c. Is this payments are eligible for tax calculation?
  4. d. How to upload the data of this kind of payments and deductions to system for some 140 employees?

I have tried some options but not able to process.

Please guide me.