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Sep 21, 2014 at 05:01 AM

Difference between FBL1N and FB03


Hi Gurus,

Need some clarification on the System Behavior between the difference FBL1N and FB03.

I raised the invoice in USD and my local currency is INR and the same is configured in Additional currencies with the option 1.

For instance:

Expenses a/c DR: 1000

TDS deduction CR: 25.00

Vendor a/c CR:975.00

The system is rounding the amount UP as per the configuration. The problem is Vendor liability is showing as INR 975.00. But when i am clearing the invoice with the reflected liability in the vendor it is throwing the Error Message With Account determination not defined for transaction ZDI

But will it suffice if i clear the document in the USD currency. Please shed some light on this..


Rohit raj.