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Sep 20, 2014 at 07:22 PM

My aspiration to become a SAP Consultant - Please advise


Dear friends,

Thanks for looking on my question.

I'm basically a Mechanical design engineering background and working in a India's #1 IT company. 😊

Working on engineering projects to support North American projects and as a part of my job, I'm working in SAP GUI to create new materials, documents with all details (Company , Plant, Dist. channel, PO data, specs etc) which will be then ordered when the item going for manufacturing.

Having around 15+ years of experience in engineering service industry. Around 5 years, I'm working as a user in SAP.

I thought of shifting my career in SAP area. So, I have gone through few available web based courses in my company (Over view of different modules in SAP, ERP concepts ) and I feel comfirtable to understand the concept. Still I want to continue to take other specialized courses like SD, MM etc.,

I'm familiar with general industry concepts in Manufacturing, Purchase, Design etc.,

Please help me to develop further and answer my below questions:

1. What is your openion about shifting my career in SAP area?

2. What will be the role of SAP consultant in brief for implementation ?

3. Which module is having constant requirement so that I will start learning on that?

3. Can I learn and attend SAP certification exam? I'm new to this forum and will explore more.

Thanks in advance for your answers.