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Sep 20, 2014 at 07:58 PM

How to find individual technical system detail's in bi-directional sync SLD's



If there are 2 SLD's (say their SID's are ABC and XYZ) in the landscape and they are configured bi-directional sync. This means that both SLD's will interchange the registered SAP system's technical data and be in sync and have same number of technical system count.

How to find technical systems which are primarily configured for ABC and for XYZ (considering you want to avoid individually checking RZ70 details in all technical systems)?

I have this silly thought that by checking the timestamp for individual technical system (under Last Update) details on both SLD's, we will get the answer as SLD with latest timestamp will be primarily SLD for that technical system (i.e; this SLD's information will be entered in RZ70 in the technical system).

I think there must be some other standard and easier way to find this out but I'm not aware of it as of now being new to this. Can anyone suggest?