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Sep 20, 2014 at 07:05 AM

Treat work area text as a field reference


Hi All,

I have trying to do some different type of coding but i dont is there any provision abap for the same so i sharing this with all of you to help in this ;

I m working of Working Clearance Management in which there are number of different customize catalog codes like 'H001' , 'R001' etc.

Whatever the codes user select and then print relevant mapped checkbox displays as selected.

Now on the runtime i want to code so that it can communicate with checkbox e.g ZCAT_CODE-H002 = '1'.

Now my query is i picks the code on runtime in the internal table and when i loop this internal table using work area it comes in the form of suppose

wa_catalog-code = 'H002', it means user has selected this code.

Now what i want to do is 'H002' i want to use this text as the reference field of structure like ZCAT_CODE-H002 because i had already defined the structure fields with the name of codes.

I want to use this because i want to get rid of using when statement or if statement.

Please help me how we can achieve it.

Thanks in advance.


Deepak kansal.