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Sep 20, 2014 at 06:20 AM

FIBLAPOP and payment request issue in F111


Hello Guys:

Posting on SAP Financials forum after a long time 😊 , expecting to receive quality feedback on the issue i am running into. I am trying to generate only Payment request in FIBLAPOP but system generates posting document as well for it. I do not want this to happen, i need system to generate payment request and then it is to be approved or released by some supervisor in F8REL. I have settings in IMG as dual control as well but still issue persists and system is generating payment request and its posting document simultaneously. What can be the issue?

Another issue regarding payment request is in F-59 . I know the functionality for F-59 for making partial payments in F110 . I wonder why is SAP not able to process payment request generated by F-59 in F111 . However this payment request is getting processed in F110 but i want to process it in F1111 but getting error Company Code does not appear in proposal. I have checked every settings in customizing. Now i am wondering if it is really possible to process payment requests created in F-59 through F111.