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Sep 19, 2014 at 03:52 PM

How can I sell our SAP WD to business over .dotNet / JAVA / HTML5?



We have a business requirement that the users will enter the input data on the my_screen of PC / Mobil device (iPad) and clicks the save / submit button then some custom SAP workflow should trigger, say, my_workflow, finally a master record should be created in backend SAP after performing all validations / approvals successfully

The my_screen should be a tabbed format screen, it should have 10 tabs

So, our SAP IT department is suggesting SAP WebDyn Pro ABAP solution to the business, at the same time dotNet / JAVA IT team is suggesting their solution, I mean, the dotNet / Java team is saying that they will build a web app based on .dotNet / JAVA / HTML5, so business is thinking what

approach they want to pick either SAP's WD ABAP team's or .dotNet / JAVA / HTML5 team's for their requirement

Seems, in the 1st day meeting the business users are showing more interest on dotNet / Java / HTML5 team

But, pls. note that business has dynamic requirements, I mean, say, on my_screen there should be a field, say for example, LANGUAGE drop down field, in today's world business want to have ENGLISH and SPANISH in drop down pick list box, well, but tomorrow business want to add FRENCH as a 3rd one, then, they want to maintain in a custom table in SAP directly in production so that the app should show all the 3 languages, I mean, by maintaining in a custom table directly in production they want to have a immediate effect on app with out IT help, same like MESSAGEs description, ling texts, field labels/captions they want to have a dynamic approach

Pls. suggest us how we can sell our SAP WD ABAP solution to the? Wht are the advantages / plus points that we hv over .dotNet / JAVA / HTML5?

Thank you