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Former Member
Sep 19, 2014 at 03:46 PM

Can't Update Credit Memo


Hello, I'm having trouble updating a Credit Memo, I only want to update the comments and I always get the following error:

Invalid value [A/P Credit Memo - Reop. Man. Closed/Canc. Orders] [Message 439-173]

The credit memo was created from scratch, so no linked documents (although those created from an invoice still present the same error). I'm currently using SAP 9.0 PL05, there has been no upgrades from a previous version. There is no code in the Transaction Notification and Post Transaction Notice Procedures. All formatted searches within the credit memo have been disabled.

I really have no idea of what's going on; it pretty much happens on any credit memo regardless of its origin.

It only happens on this particular database, on others it works fine.

Please help me if anybody's got any idea of what's the problem

Thank you all