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Sep 19, 2014 at 07:39 AM

Incorrect data in MSS Team Calendar


Dear All,

We have implemented Team calendar in MSS, but the data that is displayed in Team calendar is incorrect. Moreover, the color legends are missing. I can only see the Absent Legend. The other legends are missing.

Attached is the screenshot of team calendar and IT2001.

The employee has leave only on 10th and 18th of September, but the team calender shows leaves from 4th to 11th and 14th to 20th.

One strange behavior that I witnessed is that for the days which have entries maintained in 2002, the calendar is showing absence. Where as for others, it shows nothing. Attached is screenshot of 2002.


Umang :-)


2001.jpg (201.9 kB)
team calander.jpg (203.8 kB)
2002.jpg (261.9 kB)