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Sep 19, 2014 at 04:46 AM

User Defaults - GRC 10


Hi All,

We are on GRC SP13.

I have configured User Defaults.

My Decision table has Request Type and User Default ID entries and User defaults are correctly getting updated in the target system based on the connector tagged to User Default ID.

My scenario:

New Account Request Type - User selected ECC role and it has mapped BW roles.

Now User defaults work only for ECC and not BW

Hence I have tried changing my BRF+ decision table with Connector and Role Connector both, when i include any of these User defaults itself not working.

Anyone faced the same issue?

If I have Connector or Role connector in BRF+ decision table, User Defaults don't work 😔

Already applied SAP note 2020712 - UAM: User group not provisioned after approval