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Sep 18, 2014 at 11:12 PM

Login from CMC using LDAP to Win AD failing - failed to connect to specified host.



I've been able to successfully use the authentication wizard to configure LDAP to a remote Windows AD. I was able to configure and add some groups. That worked fine and created user aliases in CMC. I did all the nss keystore and java .keystore work on the BOXI server and the CMC configuration worked as I said.

Now I'm having users from that domain try to log into CMC. They are getting this error:

Account Information Not Recognized: The secLdap plugin failed to connect to the specified hosts. (FWB 00028)

I then proceeded to have the firewall opened up for the web server/ in addition to the BOXI server. I tested from that server using ldp.exe successfully.

Can anyone advise on this? Was opening ports on the web server needed? Do I need to do more keystore configs on this web server?