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Sep 18, 2014 at 08:56 PM

Queue Configuration - Splitting Up Queues


Hi all,

We have an issue in our production system with an inspection confirmation queue in R3 that gets blocked due to a bad LUW and it blocks all inspections behind it. This queue contains all the inspection confirmations that will route from EWM -> R3 -> CRM in which CRM willl create credits for the returned material.


The problem is this is ONE queue for all inspections which come from several different returns so if one LUW fails they all queue up behind it and back up the system. Screenshot below! Our business is doing 20-100+ inspections a day across many many returns so this is an ongoing issue we face. We end up saving that luw to a trfc and fixing the issue and reprocessing it.

I want to split this queue R3AD_INSPEC_CONF so it has some identifier so if one LUW fails it will not block all the others behind it. I was told to check SM30 but I am coming up short on how to do this or what information I need to do it.

So for example if I used sales order as the identifier it would be R3AD_INSPEC_CONF_1235689. I would like to see queues be unique to the order they belong to or if it could be by BP as well. Anything I can do to split this into smaller chunks.

any ideas? any resources to look at ?


- Matt


queue example.jpg (75.8 kB)