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Sep 18, 2014 at 07:52 PM

Linking a dummy personnel number for running payroll


We are implementing payroll for only country A and due to some geographic reasons we are asked to process payroll for employees from a company code that belongs to country B. For this reason we decided to hire a corresponding dummy employee in Country A to run payroll.

Having global employment active i am wondering with following questions...

1. Is the approach to hire a dummy pernr good or did we miss any better alternatives?

2. In order to run payroll we have to keep his dummy pernr in Cntry A active while his actual assignment in Cntry B needs to be active as well which defeats the GE concept to keep only one active pernr. Any other alternative?

3. Also when we run expatriation for these employees which record should be taken as home if country B pernr then how should we link Cntry A to this expat assignment to ensure they are linked and payrol is processed correctly?

4. Do you see any serious impact of taking this approach in self service portal, reporting, perid, system user I'd, time and payroll?