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Former Member
Sep 18, 2014 at 05:19 PM

measure CPU utilization on SAP ASE


Hi All,

What is the best approach to collect CPU utilization

from ASE instance. ?

My main goal is to get a picture of CPU counters each minute

but be the last intrusive as possible.

i am using sysmon each minute then grab the value and save

into a table , but i believe this is not a good pratice.

another solution is to use a dbcc monitor command to start the counter

wait one minute , read it from master.sysmonitors and close the counter with another dbcc


Also, there is a third option using monEngine, but as this table increment the counter

the result is not very accurate, at lest i am not getting the right result

Does anyone have another suggestion , or a better technique that can grab the value

correctly and not been intrusive as the sysmon ?