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Sep 18, 2014 at 06:18 PM

SAP BP: Data Line and Telebox fields



I'm on NW 702 SAPKB70211, IS-UT 605 SAPK-60508INISUT, and I'm trying to remove/hide the following fields on Business Partner Address screen for partner types Organization and Group:- Data Line and Telebox (EXTENSION1 & EXTENSION2 from ADDR1_DATA structure; Dynpro

SAPLSZA1 0301):

And for the life of mine, I can't actually find those fields in any BDT Field Group for Application Object BUPA, and I don't see them offered for configuration in any of the BP Field Attribute configuration transactions - neither the ones available in SPRO, nor BUSJ, nor BUSO... If I double-check TBZ3R using SE16, EXTENSION1 & 2 fields are not assigned to any BUPA field group...

In my desperation I even tried to include the fields in BUPA Group 89 myself... didn't help, I still can't see them in the Field configuration transactions.

If you are using BP in your ERP system, could you do me a favour and check using SE16 what do you have in TBZ3R for FLDNM = EXTENSION* please?

I have searched OSS for EXTENSION1 and implemented all three recent notes related to the fields:

1749827 - Few address fields editable even in the display mode

1752697 - Incorrect customizing of address fields

2007948 - Field Extension1 and Extension2 not visible in address screen

Excuse me for wenting my frustration this way, but... dear SAP, you appear to not really be in control of this particular monstrocity you created anymore, if simple sounding tasks like configuring something on a dynpro can cause a mini-avalanche of notes numbering more than there are fields to configure...😠 Either the know-how is not in the house anymore, or the right guys are busy with HANA and the guys getting assigned to simple sounding tasks don't really know what the hell they are doing and whom to ask what to do! And there is too little quality control... and no amount of "HANA communication" can change any of that.




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