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Sep 18, 2014 at 03:35 PM

Modify package: Prompt Text and Pass to Scripts


Hi Experts,

I'm trying to setup a package list to allow users enter a value (A,B,C) of a Dimension [COSTCENTER] Property [BU] and then pass this value to the script as scoping/filter, but have some issues. We are using NW10, SP15.

The Prompt setting is: PROMPT(TEXT, %BU%, "Select Business Unit to run",,,,,")

I have two script scoping and both of them have some issues:

Scoping 1 uses Select function; This one works, but it works on ALL COSTCENTER, i.e. if I enter "A", the calculation is performed for ALL COSTCENTER member



Scoping 2 doesn't pass the script validation. The error is "No member found in Dimension "COSTCENTER" for condition "CALC"="N". But there are base members with the property properly tagged.


Any suggestion? Thanks in advance.